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What is playservice.net?
Playservice.net is the online portal for the Information Centre for Drama in Europe. (ICDE). It comprises two main areas: Information about contemporary drama and the organisations, theatres and planned projects concerned with it and a Europe-wide search engine for contemporary plays.
It is possible to research plays and plays in translation in data banks in Germany, Finland, France, Britain and Holland through the central search facility. Plays in these data banks can be explored in their original language, as well as in the available translations.

What searches can I make?
You can look under author, translator, title or abbreviated title of the original play and of its translation. It is also possible to consult an alphabetical list of authors and titles.

What information is available through playservice.net?
About the writers:
A biography including a list of their works with selected dramatic texts.

About the translators:
A biography including a list of their works with selected translations and some of their own writing.

About the plays:
- Author
- Title
- Synopsis
- Original language
- Copyright holder of the original
- Date of the world premiere
- Title of the translation
- Translator's name
- Copyright holder of the translation
- Date of the translation's first production

Further information is available through our partners' data banks. Our site provides a direct link to them.

How are plays chosen for inclusion in the data bank?
Contemporary literature for the theatre, plays or dramatic texts, which have been given their world premiere in their own language, are eligible for inclusion in the data bank.
To date this includes plays from Germany, Finland, France, Britain and Holland in their original languages and in translation.

What about special characters? Will they affect my search?
Names of authors, translators and titles can be keyed in in respective languages.
Names or titles, which begin with a special character or a number, are indicated in the search list in a separate category.

Please direct further questions to playservice@iti-germany.de

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