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TINFO - Finnish Theatre Information Centre
FILI-Finnish Literature Information Centre
Suomen Näytelmäkirjailijaliitto
Theatre Academy of Finland

TINFO - Finnish Theatre Information Centre         >TOP<
One of the main tasks of TINFO is promoting Finnish theatre and drama internationally. TINFO translates new plays, edits promotion material on playwrights, participates in promotional events, and in partnership develops international promotion programs. On the TINFO's homepages, among others, basic info on theatres and theatre organisations, festivals and theatre training in Finland and a database of theatres. From the main page link to
ILONA, database of performances at the Finnish professional theatres since 1872 searchable in Finnish, Swedish and English. Main source to search plays performed in Finland.

Finnish Theatre Information Centre
Meritullinkatu 33
00170 Helsinki
Phone +358-9-25112120
Fax +358-9-25112125

FILI-Finnish Literature Information Centre         >TOP<
FILI provides financial support for the translation into other languages of both fiction and non-fiction written in Finnish, Finland-Swedish and Saami. Database on translations of Finnish literature since 1853.

Finnish Literature Information Centre
Mariankatu 7 A 2, FIN-00170 Helsinki
Phone +358-0-201 131 293
Fax +358-9-656 380

Suomen Näytelmäkirjailijaliitto
The Finnish Dramatists' Union
Main agency and library of Finnish plays.

The Finnish Dramatists' Union
Vironkatu 12 B 13
00170 Helsinki
Phone +358-9-1356796
Fax +358-9-135 6171

Nordic Drama Corner
Main agency of foreign plays in Finland. Represents also some Finnish playwrights.

Nordic Drama Corner
Meritullinkatu 33
00170 Helsinki
Phone +358-9-25112164
Fax +358-9-25112165

KOM-teksti         >TOP<
Promotes new Finnish drama and helps new playwrights to develop their plays from synopsis to finalised work, organises play readings and helps writers with contacts to theatres.

Kapteeninkatu 26,
00140 Helsinki
Phone +358-9-684 6227
Fax +358-9-636 438

Theatre Academy of Finland         >TOP<
Department of directing and dramaturgy.
Training of dramaturges has in practice developed into a unique training of playwrights, too.

Theatre Academy of Finland
Phone +358-9-431 361
Fax +358-9-4313 6200

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