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Theatre Institute in Warsaw
Among the responsibilities of the Institute are: organizing, preserving and making theatre collections publicly available, promoting the achievements of Polish theatre both domestically and abroad, providing theatrical education and stimulate historical and academic research of Polish theatre, publishing, cooperating with domestic and international institutions, organizing theatre festivals and events that serve promotion of Polish theatre.
The Institute manages the Polish Theatre Library, in 2005, an Internet bookstore, Prospero, where numerous published works about Polish theatre are available was established. Currently, the most important project of the Theatre Institute is the establishment of the largest Polish Theatre Portal, www.e-teatr.pl, which contains the latest information about contemporary theatre life in Poland. The information is updated several times daily, with news and information about upcoming premieres and festivals, schedules of performances in all Polish theatres, as well as reviews and articles from daily newspapers and theatre magazines.
The Institute also engages in several educational and research initiatives, acts as moderator in the public debate about contemporary Polish theatre by organising its own festivals, theatre events, meetings and discussions.

To see our Home Data Base that includes new Polish plays that have not been translated yet please go to:

Zbigniew Raszewski's Theatre Institute
ul. Jazdow 1
00-467 Warszawa

Documentation Department
Phone +48 22 622 83 15
Fax +48 22 621 45 56
Prospero Bookstore
Phone +48 22 629 00 03
Organization and Promotion
Fax +48 22 629 00 02


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