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play "High Above the Earth"

original title Wysoko nad ziemia 
original language Polish 
playwright Jaroslaw Abramow
title of translation High Above the Earth 
language of translation English 
translator Eugenia Tarska
synopsis The play is based on a real incident which happened in Wroclaw in 1948 when two young mountaineers decided to scale a spire surmounting an exibition in order to dismantle a damaged mirror suspended over 300 feet above ground. The main character is an ex-resistance fighter and his decision to risk his life once again obviously has its roots in teh experiences of the war years. He does this disinterestedly, refusing to accept any reward. Today, perhaps, he would have acted differently. The exploit of the climbers is watched by the management of the exibition and by casual bystanders, whose remarks provide a contrasting background. 
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