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play "Two women"

original title Dwie kobiety 
original language Polish 
playwright Ireneusz Iredynski
title of translation Two women 
language of translation English 
translator Edward Rothert
synopsis Two old women sit at the table. It is the birthday of one of them. They await the only guests, Hedi and Marilla, the daughters of the woman who is celebrating her birthday.
As time passes and noon comes, the birthday woman begins to recall the past, bringing up  children, motherhood. Lovers, everyday existence, all of which have now acquired an entirely new dimension in her dream-like world. At the same time and inevitable question arises: have the daughters forgotten?  Why? What have I done wrong?,  she asks. But there is only silence for an answer, and a feeling of overwhelming solitude. No one needs me anymore. The other old woman tries to comfort her friend. The play is a profound study of aging, and the terrible frustration of being abandoned by one\'s own children.

Radio play; 1 scene, 1 setting 
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